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Each Seminar Course is equivalent to 6 Hours of Continued Education. You must complete all three course to satisfy the DMV's 18 Hour Requirement for your license renewal. Make sure you do not register for the same Seminar twice. You are only allowed to take one course per day. You may take the classes in any order just as long as you take all three. Upon completion of each Seminar, you will be able to email and/or print your completion certificate. You will need to turn in all 3 Completion Certificates to the DMV with your renewal documents to satisfy this requirement.

"Per the California Vehicle Code Section 11105, Paragraph 2 of Subdivision B state that an Instructor or Operator must Satisfactory completion of an examination as provided in Section 11102.5 at least once during each succeeding three-year period after the initial issuance of a license certificate. In lieu of any examination for renewal of the license, the department may accept submission by the licensee of evidence of continuing professional education (18 Hours). Professional education, as used in this subdivision, means satisfactory completion of courses related to traffic safety, teaching techniques, or the teaching of driver instruction acceptable to the department or participation in professional seminars approved by the department."

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